SuperSeal 300

The small automatic.

Designed to go automatic on small volumes.

Start a new product on a budget.

Up to


units per minute
Up to


units per hour

Seals any cap size between Ø15mm and Ø150mm.

Seals plastic, ceramic and glass.

Seals instantly without warm-up or waiting times.

Easily installed on your line in less than 1 meter of free space.

Let's make it easy.

Everything is included.


Transport included to your factory. Strongly protected in a wood case. Insurance agains any damage during transportation. We have units in stock for urgent projects.


Your sealer is delivered completely tested, mounted and set-up ready for use. We do a sealing test to confirm this model is perfect for your application details and to guarantee a trouble free start at your factory.


Exclusive training by one of our quatropack engineers at your facilities. Personal Diplomas for your staff. We teach you how to use your sealer like an expert.

Largest Operating Window on the market

All containers perfectly sealed, every day.

Speed will never be a problem.

We have many models for each need, from the slowest to the fastest.

Zero maintenance. Sturdy and efficient.

No consumables. No moving parts. Very efficient. Almost cero maintenance.

Enercon. The quality of the world leader shows.

Thousands of units installed worldwide since 1975.

In good company…
Our products travel further in perfect conditions, to Asia and South America. After a month in a container, they arrive safely. We have extended the shelf life in almost a full year!

After all these years, I recommend Quatropack and Enercon without hesitation.
Enercon is a very reliable brand that is easy to use for our staff on the filling lines. They also back it up with Quatropack technical backup and expertise.

It allows to position our automotive oils worldwide without ever having a leak complaint.
We always get this excellent quality seal. Quatropack gives us the immediate support we need, and the Enercons never break down, that's why we have eight units...
I would outline that the cualification of the lines is so simple. It is dead easy to integrate these sealers in a Pharmaceutical production line.

On top of that their training is best in class, and the whole setup can be done in less than a couple of hours.
Back in the days we started with warranty labels but these of course were not airtight closed at all and it was terrible.

We knew that Enercon and Quatropack are the best in this industry for the quality of the machines and the very low maintenance.

Unbelievable advantages of induction sealing

Induction sealing will improve your product and the way it is perceived by the consumer. You will benefit from this simple change in many ways

Good bye Leaks!

A bottle sealed with induction is firmly closed during transport, storage, and before its use by the consumer.

Extended shelf life

Protected in a hermetic ambient, the product is preserved in optimal conditions for longer. In some cases, up to several months!

Tamper Evidence

Consumers need to know for sure they are the firsts to open a jar. For supermarkets and online stores (including Amazon) this is mandatory.

Export further

A bottle that protects better can transport your product for more time and distance in perfect conditions. Long weeks inside containers exposed to the sun, humidity, and cold are best in a well sealed jar!

Reduce costs

Savings in energy, higher production speed, less returns and scrap, longer shelf life, better stock management, less line stops, lighter cap and container…

Avoid copy and fakes

Show that your product is original and has not been modified. A hologram on the foil makes your product hard to copy. New inks with inserted DNA, micro printed or marked are the latest in theft prevention.

Be greener

Reduce pack weight and the amount of plastic used in your product. Induction helps reducting cap and bottle, and reduce your carbon footprint. Sealing with induction uses a lot less energy than other systems.

Zero Maintenance

Extremely low maintenance costs and reduced downtime of your line. Few spareparts and a very long lifespan makes our sealers a very profitable investment.

Preserve Freshness

Intense aromas, vivid longlasting colors, unique textures and that special flavour that sets your product apart from the rest. All are carefuly protected to make your customers want to repeat!

Increase Turnover

Perfectly sealed products atract new customers and increase your overall business. Whether it is new products to existing clients, or new customers that want nothing that is not sealed, an induction sealer can help you sell more.

Brand image

Not leaking, not opened, not tampered, nor faked. A total warranty for your customer will strengthen the good image of your brand. A system that big names and prime brands are using already, and so can you!

Increased productivity

Seals at high speeds without touching the cap. Starts instantly.  Integrates simply on your line in less than one meter. Can seal many diameters with no format changeover, and for free: Because who knows what containers you will need to seal in the future?
Unbelievable advantages of induction sealing 

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Units per minute

Units per minute

Units per minute

Units per minute

Units per minute

Units per minute


Dynamic Inspection for Induction Sealing

We use Military Grade Infrared Thermal cameras and we analyze the images in real time with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect the bottles with a sealing error and eject them so they never leave your factory.

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